Dennis Pfaff Collection - White Ash Urns

Dennis Pfaff Collection - White Ash Urns

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This White Ash segmented wood turned Urn is crafted with care by local Artisan Dennis Pfaff of Exeter, Ontario.

This White Ash Urn stands 13 inches in height, and is finished with a natural wax polish.
An approximate capacity of 210 cubic inches.


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Wood Turned White Ash Urn

This is another style of Urn created in White Ash. 
This style is 10 1/2" tall which will allow dimensionally for this particular design of Urn to be interred in a Columbarium Niche if that is what your wishes are.


 An approximate capacity of 200 cubic inches.

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Dennis Pfaff Urns are unique every time, but rest assured this dimensional style and size can be replicated.

Please note that the Dennis Pfaff Urns are not available at this time.