Pewter Black

Pewter Black

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This contemporary metal Urn is a selection from the Victoriaville Classic Collection.  The Pewter Black style is extremely popular with both men and women.  Black, pewter, and gold combine for a most attractive Urn or keepsake urn that has a threaded top opening.

The Pewter Black Urn sells for $450.00.  The dimensions for the Pewter Black Urn UK210-30071 are 10 1/4" H  x  6 1⁄4” dia. with a volume of 200 cubic inches.
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The Pewter Black Keepsake UK210-30072 sells for $100.00.   The dimensions of this Keepsake Urn are 2 5/8" H  x  1 3/4" dia. with a volume of  4 ci.

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      The Keepsake Heart is finished with the pewter colour of the Urn and the attention to detail gives one a most stylish Heart to treasure some of your loved One's cremated remains either privately or as a discreet addition in your livingroom or den. 
Pewter Heart Keepsake sells for $ 125.00.
UK210-30071 with dimensions of 3 1/4" W  x  1 7/8" D  x  3 3/8" H  and volume of 5 ci.

Supplied by victoriaville & co.

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