Mosaic Wheat Urn

Mosaic Wheat Urn

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This Mosaic Wheat Urn features stained glass is a beautiful mosaic pattern, which provides a stunning background for the field of wheat in the foreground.  Made of a finished bronze coloured resin, this Urn is a wonderful and fitting choice for the agriculturally appreciative life lived!

A Keepsake Tealight is available

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Mosaic Wheat Urn: Adult 941905
Mosaic Wheat Keepsake Tealight  941910
Urn Dimension: 7.25 " H  x  11.7" diameter
Capacity: 200 inches
Keepsake Tealight Dimension: 3.75" H  x  3.25" diameter
Capacity: 0.7 cubic inches

Supplied by Dodge Canada
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