Elegant Copper Urn

Elegant Copper Urn

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 This Urn portrays an understated elegance with its' rich colour and finish, and the bands of gold just might remind you of that special someone's tinkling bracelets.  The strength and durability of brass combined with pleasing handcrafted design.
Pictured with the Urn is the *Elegant Copper Heart Keepsake
This Collection offers:
* Keepsake Urn  $80.00
* Keepsake Heart  $120.00
* Keepsake Tealight  $160.00
This Urn, and all styles of the Keepsakes are available in three other colours:
Elegant Sapphire
Elegant Gold
Elegant Pewter

These Urn Collection pieces can be viewed in our Catalogues at either of the Wareing Cremation Services Establishments.

Urn:  10.75” H  x  7.25” diameter
Capacity: 245 cubic inches
Keepsake Urn:    3" H  x  2" diameter  
Capacity: 4.25 cubic inches

Keepsake Heart:  1.5" H x 2.75" L  x  3.25" W 
Capacity: 3 cubic inches
Keepsake Tealight:  5" H  x  3.25" diameter    
Capacity: 18 cubic inches

Supplied by Dodge Canada

For a complete look at the many styles and colours of Urns we offer, please arrange to visit one of our Establishments.