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Angel Urn

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This cultured marble Angel Urn, often referred to as the Weeping Angel, is a classic and beautiful vessel for the cremated remains of a loved One.  This Urn is delicate and detailed.

The original sculpture was created by American William Wetmore Story (1919-1895) in 1894 for his late wife Emelyn Story's grave in Rome's 'Protestant' Cemetery.   At the time William W. Story said, "It represents the angel of grief, in utter abandonment, throwing herself with drooped wings and hidden face over a funeral represents what I feel". 
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**This Angel Urn has been discontinued by Victoriaville, but Wareing Cremation Services currently has 2 in stock.
Urn Dimensions: 11" W  x  11" D  x  8.5" H     
Capacity: 215 cubic inches
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A replica keepsake is sold separately.
* Keepsake is $168.00.
Keepsake Dimensions: 5" W  x  5"D  x  4"H. 
Capacity: 20 cubic inches
Victoriaville has discontinued this Keepsake Urn as well, but Wareing Cremation Services has 2 Keepsake Angel Urns in stock.  

Supplied by victoriaville & co.

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