Who We Are

Wareing Cremation Services Inc. is a licensed establishment managed by educated and licensed bereavement professionals.

Owned by Paul Wareing and Barbara Wareing, operated and managed by Paul and Barbara Wareing, and wholly independent, we are not affiliated with, under the umbrella of, or in partnership with any individual, group, company, or corporation.

As a Transfer Service - Class 2, we adhere to the provincial regulator ‘The Bereavement Authority of Ontario – the BAO’.

The history of Wareing Cremation Services Inc. begins with the story of Paul Wareing and Barbara Wein Wareing, neither of whom are from a funeral family background. 

We have chosen this life with the ideals that say we can provide options surrounding the form and function of what must happen when someone dies.  We came to this industry with a full understanding of Kaizen, and with a finger on the pulse of societal attitude changes towards funeral services and funeral providers. 

We believe there is another way.

Paul’s business background is management in the automotive industry, concentrating on quality control and the adult training centre for twenty years…and instead of buying a motorcycle at age forty we purchased a livestock farm.

Barbara Wareing spent almost twenty years in the automotive industry, and then drove school bus when she wasn’t working in the barn.

The move off the farm found Paul completing the Transfer Service Sales Representative course at Humber College, and shortly thereafter Barb enrolled in first the Funeral Preplanner course and then the Funeral Transfer Service Sales Representative course at Humber College which she completed with Honours.

On Thursday August 14, 2014 we opened the doors of our first establishment at 346 Simcoe Street in Tillsonburg, Ontario. 

On Wednesday March 9, 2018 our second location at 225 Norwich Avenue in Woodstock, Ontario opened its’ doors.

Death changes life. 

Positive memories can help us move along the path to a positive future, but it takes time…..for some more time than others. 

Struggling to accept the death of a loved one, talking – or not talking – about your grief, sifting through the multitude of emotions, making use of ritual and embracing your spirituality in ways that are appropriate for you, reconciling your grief, and moving forward towards healing is a process.

Coming to terms with loss of the magnitude presented by death, mourning a loved one, seeking and finding comfort from friends and family……these are not spiritual, emotional, and physical needs satisfied and resolved in a few hours immediately following death.

Whether you are planning for a life event or simply the menu for the upcoming week’s meals, planning is a normal and beneficial method of organization for human beings. 

When we consider end of life decisions we approach that with this mindset……

Where there is a plan, there is a blueprint, developed through contemplation, soul searching, research, conversation, and informed decision making.  That plan took shape over time, a period free of pressure and debilitating emotion.

This is the essence of preplanning.

Wareing Cremation Services is trusted to facilitate both preplanning and prepaid preplanning arrangements.

As well, we are always here to listen and assist those who find themselves in need immediately because of a sudden loss.  And for these families there usually is a path to final arrangements filled with personal touches of the deceased because of something said in passing or personal notes of wishes…..and we are always honoured to be trusted with final arrangements for a loved One.

Paul and Barb Wareing truly believe,

       “ that the interaction and genuine immersion into the situations and predicaments presented as ‘our life’ is what allows every individual to embrace the true understanding of what it is to have lived well.  When it is time for death and ritual, One’s beliefs and priorities should be what gives structure, purpose and light to their final arrangements.”

Wareing Cremation Services Inc.

With two locations to serve you better.

WOODSTOCK - Telephone: 519-290-5575 Fax: 519-290-5579  email: woodstock@wareingcremation.ca

TILLSONBURG - Telephone: 519-409-5575 Fax: 519-409-5579   email: information@wareingcremation.ca