What is Wareing Cremation Services

Wareing Cremation Services
What exactly is Wareing Cremation Services Inc.?
In fact, we are establishments owned and operated by educated and licensed
bereavement professionals. Our business and personal license is issued and regulated by the Bereavement Authority of Ontario. All funeral establishments, Transfer Services, crematoriums, and cemeteries are regulated by this
Authority and must adhere to the legislation laid out.

The funeral industry has given us the title of “Transfer Service – Class 2”.
This is a very misleading title that very often leads to an uninformed conclusion that we ‘just’ transfer the deceased to a funeral establishment….this is an incorrect assumption.

Wareing Cremation Services is an option available to individuals and families who have a vision of how they wish to carry out the services and rituals associated with death. Ours is a vocation to facilitate the wishes of the deceased. Paul and Barbara have the integrity to provide for those who are experiencing loss, and to be the advocate that they need.
It is our obligation as bereavement professionals to provide complete information – to outline all of the options available and all of the absolute requirements – that will allow our clients to make the best decision, that being an informed decision.

This complete information is imperative since most people really have no concept of what processes are absolutely required when someone dies, and likewise what is an option. Each of us is unique in how we process our thoughts and comprehend events, so it will come as no surprise to any of us that some individuals are more focused on the ‘business’ and others on the ‘visual’ or ‘furnishings’ of the entire process….and this is a common
disconnect for the overall understanding of what must, will or can be organized. These differences of preconceived focus and thought, or total lack of either, exemplify the requirement of complete disclosure by bereavement professionals.

As human beings we observe religious and cultural ceremony to honour our dead, and to celebrate or memorialize a life lived. Paul Wareing and Barbara Wareing realize that there is a shifting away from a trend spun
some 80 years ago that strutted social standing over to something more reflective and respectful of one’s own personal values and beliefs.
This does not mean that religious and cultural ceremony are being abandoned but rather, in many circumstances, are finally being brought back into focus.

Wareing Cremation Services cares for the deceased from the time we take him or her into our care from the hospital, nursing home, hospice or their own home. We meet with the executor/next of kin of the deceased and facilitate the decisions made for either cremation or burial. We are responsible for all of the legal and logistical aspects involved including registering the death, providing proof of death certificates and prepared CPP death benefit and survivor benefit application(s). We return your loved ones cremated remains to the executor or next of kin, or attend graveside with the casketed body of your loved one.

When you choose Wareing Cremation Services……you are choosing an alternative to the traditional funeral home. Many people that meet with us find this to be a real revelation because they have been misinformed or mislead, which is another reason why we continue to say that ……
Wareing Cremation Services is much more than you believe we are!

By our license we are restricted from performing certain aspects of the traditional funeral home setting, but many of these are aspects that can be carried out by the family and do not require a license to perform.
This translates to more personal involvement in the planning and coordination of the ceremonial aspects of the funeral or celebration of life.
Wareing Cremation Services can and will provide contact information for Clergy,
Officiants, Cemetery, Venues, Caterers, and Florists if these are something your family needs assistance with.

Wareing Cremation Services is honoured to be trusted by the families of our community and the larger community of southwestern Ontario.
We encourage each individual to use the eventual certainty of death as your inspiration to live…..pour all of what you believe into a life that inspires, strengthens, and brings a smile
once you are a memory.