The Benefits of Preplanning

If we could recommend the absolutely ideal place to start this entire ‘Arrangements’ process it would be with preplanning.

Preplanning for the eventual is still a taboo subject…..often viewed as an uncomfortable topic best left for some other time.

But when will the time be right?

Each of us is unique, possessing very personal views on almost every aspect of what affects our life. Preplanning provides the opportunity for research, discussion, and informed decisions.

The subject of preplanning and prearrangements is usually an awkward subject to broach, although it is much easier when death is not imminent.

Each of us has a unique ability to understand the workings of our family dynamic. People come in all shapes and sizes….intellectuals, silly souls, proper ladies and quite gentlemen, extroverts and introverts, happy go lucky guys and gals, dreamers….and an individuals’ personality is often indicative as to how we approach the topic of final wishes.

Preplanning is an often overlooked but important component of estate planning.

Sometimes individuals consider researching what is involved with preplanning final arrangements because as empty nesters they are looking to the future and their eventual needs.

When the time has come to downsize to an apartment, or a decision has been made to sell the family home and take up full time residence at the cottage by the lake - that is what will spark the thought that this is the time to organize and restructure other aspects of your life plan.

This discussion of preplanning leads to the realization of a need for follow through with discussions with one’s lawyer, financial advisor and family members to perhaps attend to long neglected reorganization of finances, to finally have a Will and Last Testament drafted or updated, and to have that important discussion with loved ones about what decisions are being contemplated in all aspects.

Other times individuals, and an adult family member, research preplanning because health issues have dictated a change of address either to a retirement residence or to a long term care facility.

By being in tune with changes and circumstances, the whole subject can begin softly by inquiring about your loved one’s expectations about the type of care they wish to receive now that they are entering an advanced age group that finds them experiencing medical issues impacting their daily life, or are facing the adjustment of entering into a long term care facility.

Even though death is not imminent, the reality of death is a topic which should occupy some conscious consideration by everyone

Many long term care facilities request confirmation that arrangements have been made prior to admittance.

Sometimes those preplanning arrangements can be accomplished by the individual themselves, with a little assistance from their power of attorney or family member, and sometimes it is beneficial to preplan as a representative for the family member in your care.

Decisions made when we are emotionally distraught and vulnerable are rarely the best decisions we have ever made.

Time and experience has brought people to us who have spoken of decisions that were made when someone they loved died and these individuals express how after the fact they live with a burden of guilt, resentment, anger, and remain distressed even decades later over those long ago decisions made that can never be changed.

The person with a preplanned arrangement has made a decision to inform their loved ones of their wishes so that they can ensure that their wishes are known and therefore family is able to carry out the plan.

These expressed plans have the potential of providing One’s family and friends with a lasting positive in the midst of heartbreak.

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In even the best of caskets, it never all fits – all that we’d like to bury in them; the hurt and forgiveness, the anger and pain, the praise and thanksgiving, the emptiness and exaltations, the untidy feelings when someone dies.

Thomas Lynch – essayist and poet

Preplan or Prepay?

There is absolutely no obligation to prepay when preplanning.

Many individuals wish to prepay when preplanning their arrangements stating that is provides them with the knowledge that the financial aspects have been discussed and attended to and therefore will not become the responsibility of others in an already emotionally stressful time.

Whichever plan works for you, we can accommodate.

How to Preplan

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