An Outline of our Process

When a death occurs and you have chosen Wareing Cremation Services as your Provider, contact us immediately, regardless of the time of day or night – 519-409-5575 or 519-290-5575.This is an emotional time for individuals and families and this initial telephone call is crucial.

Even if a health care provider, nurse, or doctor states that they will contact us, please appoint someone from the family to call immediately, because sometimes things get missed and no one calls as promised.

With your initial call, we make available to you our services, our experience and trusted reputation, and our facility. We assume all necessary responsibilities in caring for the deceased and for the concerns of their family. During this initial call we can gain contact information for the person responsible for making arrangements.

Meeting with your Chosen Provider :

If not during the initial call, it would be within a few hours after that call that you will have discussed and arranged a time to meet with your Provider to begin to make final arrangements for your loved one. We will need to meet to discuss arrangements, gather documentation, and gain signatures from the Executor(s). Other than attending a LTC or Hospice immediately at the request of family, we cannot proceed with any aspect before we have completed this step.

Once a person is deceased, the Executor(s) is the person(s) we must take direction from. It is imperative that if a person has a Will, that said Will provides a designated individual(s) as Executor/Trustee. Only an Executor has the authority to meet and make the decisions necessary for final disposition arrangements, and then provide their signature(s) to accomplish those final decisions and expenses.

Often a Spouse is the sole Executor. We understand that your emotional state will be fragile, sometimes too fragile to comprehend and act coherently. Even though we have experience with final arrangements and make every effort to assist and ensure your wishes are met, if you feel unable to move forward even with a family member to support you, understand that an Executor can designate a trusted individual to act on their behalf at this time. Please notify us if this is your circumstance and provisions will be made to meet with your designate with the full understanding that the chosen individual is acting on your behalf and you are responsible/obligated to abide by the decisions and financial obligations they will make on your behalf

Death is inevitable. For the healthy, and those in the prime of life, there is no urgency for “final plans”. Experience tells us that tragic or unexpected circumstances that result in the death of a loved one are exactly that – tragic and/or unexpected. Making arrangements lay bare the imposed demands of death that are the cultural, religious, personal, and family obligations of the deceased. Although many try to dismiss these requirements as unnecessary, we would suggest these requirements are essential to the “structure” of recognizing death and the beginning of our acceptance of loss through death.

All of the following details and information will be covered in this initial meeting and decisions will have to be made and all aspects coordinated within a few hours not days. Every Provider is prepared with complete information for you concerning each step there is to final arrangements. He or she can and will walk through all aspects with you so do not stress if these are decisions you feel more confident considering and deciding in the meeting with your Provider. That said, during those first 8 to 12 hours, if this has not been organized beforehand, the following 3 points listed are essential documents and information required for this meeting with your chosen provider and so by having this information in your possession when you arrive we can eliminate the possibility of errors and delays.

  1. Make a good effort to create a telephone list of people to notify. Other than immediate family, it is often wise to leave notification until you have met with your intended Provider and have decided details that can then be conveyed to family and friends.
  2. Gather vital statistics and all necessary documents in preparation for your meeting with either Paul Wareing or Barbara Wareing. Bring the Will, marriage certificate, identification for deceased, for their spouse, and for the executor.
    • A copy of the Last Will and Testament for the deceased to ascertain the identity of Executor(s).
    • Executor’s identification documentation.
    • Documentation that provides the complete legal name of the deceased.
    • Current residential address of the deceased.
    • Date of Birth of the Deceased.
    • Place of Birth of the Deceased.
    • Social Insurance Number of the Deceased, and where applicable that of their Spouse
    • Marital Status (Original Marriage Certificate where applicable).
    • Occupation of the Deceased.
    • Documentation that provides the complete legal name of the Deceased’s Spouse, their date of birth, their place of birth.
    • Deceased’s Father’s full name, and his place of birth.
    • Deceased’s Mother’s full name, her maiden name, and her place of birth.
    • As applicable, documentation that provides the Social Insurance Number, legal name, date of birth, and current residential address for any child(ren) of the deceased entitled to benefits.
    All of this information listed above is essential to enable us to complete all necessary documentation and application paperwork.

    Factual information is essential at this time.

  3. Come prepared to compose a death notice for the newspaper and website Obituary page, including a photo if that is something you desire to be published. Paul and Barb are able to sit down with you to compose an Obituary but the Family must have proper spelling of names of family members to be included, and where memorial donations should be directed (if applicable). * Make time before our meeting to give consideration, and perhaps engage in discussionswhere appropriate, as to what aspects are important to the services in advance of meeting. You will probably want these details included in the Obituary. 

When someone close to you dies - emotions tend to run high. Remember, there are no silly questions and no one expects you to be at your best or to remember everything.
Wareing Cremation Services is trusted to provide respectful and compassionate care. Wareing Cremation Services is committed to helping you take those last steps.