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Vaults are in fact Outer Burial Containers meaning that a Vault holds the Urn or Casket that is buried in a grave.

The purpose of a Vault is to ensure the structural condition of the Urn or Casket, as well as maintaining the integrity of the Cemetery Grounds long term.  Realize that some, but not all, Cemeteries require that all Urn and Casket burials include a Urn Vault.
Some Cemeteries’ By Laws require a Vault for interment to preserve the integrity of the Cemetery Grounds.  We recommend that you inquire beforehand to ascertain if this is a requirement.
Victoriaville Urn Vaults purchased from Wareing Cremation Services are intended to be taken by the Family to the Cemetery.
A Vault is not required if interment of the Urn is in a Niche of a Columbarium or Mausoleum.


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