Celeste Urn - Pearl

Celeste Urn - Pearl

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Pearl Celeste Urn

Shown with Pearl Celeste Heart Keepsake (sold separately)

This Pearl Celeste Urn is made of alloy and features a unique engraved pattern that shines through a beautifully coloured glaze.  This detail is engraved on the threaded lid as well as the Urn.  The finishing touch of gloss layer provides added beauty.

Urn Dimensions: 6.8" H  x  9.0" diameter.

Capacity:  200 ci.

The Celeste Urns have a replica keepsake urn and a keepsake heart (shown) that are each sold separately.

Keepsake Urn (not shown): $63.00

Capacity: 2-5 ci.

Keepsake Heart (shown): $110.00

Capacity: 3 ci.

For a complete look at the many styles and colours of Urns we offer, please arrange to visit one of our Establishments.