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Memorial Donations

Wareing Cremation Services is pleased to provide an opportunity for family members, friends, and associates to make memorial donations.

We have many individuals that telephone to inquire about how to make a donation through Wareing Cremation Services because as a Transfer Service Class 2, we do not meet with and therefore accept donations during Visitation settings.

The process is simple and straightforward and we hope you find this explanation quick and helpful.
To make a memorial donation:

  • Wareing Cremation Services only accepts cheques – cheques that are made out to a specified charity or foundation.
  • Make your cheque out to the Charity or Foundation that you wish to make the donation to. ** Please, DO NOT make out the cheque to Wareing Cremation Services – we will not process cheques that arrive made out to our Establishment(s).
  • On the memo line of your cheque – or on a separate piece of paper that you will enclose - write down the name of the deceased in whose memory you are making the donation.
  • Please ensure that your mailing address is printed at the top of your cheque. We need your address, and so does the charity or foundation you are donating to.
  • If this donation is from people in addition to yourself, please print those names on a separate slip of paper. For example: cheque has the names of Joe and June Smith, but you wish for the deceased’s family to be notified that your children Susan and Greg Jones, and Sam and Becky Smith are included in this memorial donation. We make sure that this message is expressed to the family.
  • Mail the donation cheque (and other information indicated above if applicable), to the Wareing Cremation Establishment indicated in the Obituary on our website or in the newspaper.
Our Mailing addresses are: Wareing Cremation Services, 346 Simcoe Street, Tillsonburg, Ontario N4G 2J8
Wareing Cremation Services, 225 Norwich Avenue, Woodstock, Ontario N4S 3V8

Once our office has received your memorial donation,
  • we forward the cheques to the respective charity or foundation.
  • we send a letter to the Family informing them of your donation (not the amount) and provide them with your mailing address.
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