Paul Thomas Pridham

Early Christmas morning our brother Paul passed away peacefully. He had been at Parkwood Hospital in the palliative care unit for 35 days. Paul had developed lung cancer about three years ago which eventually metastasized to his brain.

He had the best supports imaginable during his last years when he fell hard into addiction. It was another bid to dull the pain of depression that he had experienced his whole life.

Paul was 56 years old, the same age as his brother Mark when he passed. Paul got his last wish of living until Christmas.

I loved Paul unconditionally, despite the turmoil and many struggles I tried to help him through. He was a very special and wonderful person in many ways. He was kind and sensitive, almost to a fault. He was a very good but troubled person and hid from most family out of undeserved shame. Mental illness stole his happiness and any chance for a normal life.

Although I am devastated by the loss of him, I am also strangely at peace. Paul is finally experiencing the peace that has eluded him his whole life. I also feel a great sense of relief. Relief for him and relief that I no longer have to worry about him.

A private graveside service will be arranged for some time in the spring. Paul will be inurned with our parents and brother Mark in Breslau.

May you truly rest in peace, dear Paul. I will always love you. Until we meet again.




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