Paul Hutchinson

Paul Hutchinson was a giving, hardworking person and a jack of all trades. If he loved you, he would do anything for you and would love you completely no matter your faults.
We will all miss something.
Most of all, our mother Halina will miss her soul mate of 58 years.
Paul will be missed by his son Paul, his daughter Sherry (Ken), his daughter Jamie, his brothers Robert, Jack, Conrad, and David, and all of his grandchildren and great grandchildren.
In keeping with Paul's wishes, there will be no formal service and his body is being donated to science. Paul always wanted to be a doctor so he wanted students to learn from his body.
Since there will be no service I (Jamie) thought I would share some of my best memories of times with my father.
I remember these memories clear as the day we made them together.
It all started at the farm my dad built. We use to go fishing in a creek that was on the property. There were no fish in that creek except sunfish. Those were not the times of catch and release. We would take those fish back to the barn for the farm cats and even they would not touch those poor fish. They would always end up in the garbage but the memory was already made.
After that we would go to the candy store. The floor in that candy store would creak when you stepped on it, every single time. The store had rows and rows of glass jars filled with candy and you would get your penny candies in that little brown paper bag. Dad would get the little black licorice babies or the black cigars, though I don't know who could eat those things!
At Christmas Santa would call and leave his sleigh tracks and leave yellow BMX's. But I'm sure that the favourite farm memory for Dad was the horses. His love for animals was one of his greatest qualities.
Skip to my wedding as my dad worked harder than anyone.
My dad came up to the little cabin where the girls stayed and asked if we were ready for the plane ride. He was so excited. He looked so handsome in his tux. He usually never wore anything except his trusted blue jeans. Sitting in that plane with him, soaking up all the scenery, was a truly blissful experience. Dad holding my hand, helping me out of the plane; I truly understood that he would be with me no matter what. Even if he didn't agree with the decisions I made, he would stand by me.
Then along came Daniel. Dad looked at my first son with total love in his eyes. They shared the love for knowledge. Both of them complete sponges always wanting more and more knowledge.
And then there was Whitfield. When Whitfield was a toddler he had little blonde ringlets. One day I came home to those little ringlets blowing in the wind. I was so mad at my dad. He cut Whit's hair with aluminum siding scissors. I didn't talk to him for days. Whitfield and his Grandpa were inseparable; they were joined at the hip. When Whit was 3 years old they decided to frame a sidewalk together and my dad gave Whit a sledge hammer to pound one of the stakes in. Of course, he missed and they came running into the house. Whitfield kept screaming and screaming "I'm going to die". He hit his finger and needed stitches but this never stopped them from working together day after day.
Daniel will miss the genius conversations…since no one else knows the answers.
Whitfield will miss the first dad he ever knew…his "shop" partner.
I will miss my greatest advocate.
Wareing Cremation Services, 225 Norwich Ave., Woodstock, Ontario was entrusted with Arrangements. Your messages of condolence may be shared here at

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  • My condolences. I have so many memories of spending time with you and your family.

    I’ve always wondered over the years how you all were doing.

  • Rest in peace Paul l will miss you my dear friend and mentor. Paul took me under his wing when l was15 yrs old l have always been forever grateful for everything he taught and gave me. One very special memory l have with my brother in law was riding horses together on the farm. Thank you Paul for the home and family you built with my sister halina. Love rick

    Rick Siembida
  • I’m so sorry for lost of your husband your father..Halìna … Pauly..Sherri..Jamie..may he be at peace

    Laurieann Dedio
  • Chester and I are saddened by the passing of Paul. Many memories of this strong Man. God Bless you all. xo

    Lynn Siembida

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