Denise Freer


March 5, 1926 - May 30, 2021

Video memorial:

Passed away peacefully at 95, in Woodstock Hospital. Born in the village of Heer-Sur-Meuse, Belgium, Denise survived Nazi-occupation in WWII to be married at 18 to a British soldier and lived in Nottingham, UK. Later, international travel took her to Montevideo, Uruguay and Kingston, Jamaica before finally settling in Toronto and Montreal in the late 50s and 60s.

Through the 1980-90s, Denise worked for 17 years as a secretary for the Ministry of Culture and Recreation at Bay and Bloor. She was an office favourite amongst her coworkers. As a long-time Torontonian, she took pride in achieving her Canadian citizenship.

She spent her retirement travelling to her home country to enjoy gatherings with her extended family in Belgium. In her senior years living at Chartwell Colonial, Whitby she was well-liked by residents and staff-alike. In her later 80's and 90's, despite vision challenges, Denise took delight in creating paintings and hand-made art.

Denise was known for her loving nature, sharp mind, delicious cooking, easy and welcoming smile for friends and strangers alike. She lived a modest life and enjoyed a good glass of Merlot, steak and French fries followed by “something sweet.” She could never resist engaging with children, babies and toddlers in particular. Above all, she valued friends and family. She is survived by her son, Peter and daughter-in-law, Elizabeth and grandson Taylor and family in Belgium, including her sister, Aimee, nephew Jean-Pierre and niece Gynette and their children Karl, Lise and Rosario.

Let’s not say goodbye; let’s say ‘see you again.’

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  • Thank you Peter, very well done. You have always been a loving n caring son.

  • Yes, Denise was a great lady and we were good friends for 50 years and I ensured she did not forgot her French. She loved reading. She was a good knitter and we enjoyed sharing patterns. Je ne vais pas l’oublier. Rolande

    Rolande Smith

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