Why this photo?

Have you ever wondered why we chose this photo for Wareing Cremation Services Inc. ?
Beautiful blue sky, lush greens swaying in the breeze, and a path that stretches out of sight, further and further away....
There has always been a reason as to why we chose this photograph to represent, or brand, Wareing Cremation Services Inc.
         Although we may not consciously acknowledge it, even mere mortals do understand that every path, every life, leads to somewhere. 
         Each of us have our own code, value system...our own beliefs.  When we reach the bend that will take us out of sight, all we take with us is what survives in our soul; that energy spark that can never be extinguished. 
        So this path reminds us that each of us can work diligently, interact happily, appreciate the beauty that surrounds us, and live kindly knowing that what we leave behind should be positive memories that the loved and the living will tuck into their hearts and minds.  
         See the path and learn to love the landscape.  Understand the stuff that matters and makes the path easier to navigate and more welcoming for everyone. 
         Do not let the fear of death overshadow your thoughts, dreams, and plans.  Life is precious and each of us should live for today and enjoy what each day brings....most of us already plan for the obligations, events, and special occasions of tomorrow, next weekend, and for the season fast approaching.
         Wareing Cremation Services suggests that it is wise to be informed and prepared and hopefully more accepting when what was once out of sight comes into focus.  Leave a plan - something constructive for those who remain behind. 
Be responsible.  Ensure that the footprint you leave here is the mark of your best self.  Plan for the tomorrow when you will not be here - but those you care about will be. 
         Be as ready as possible to set off on that path of new adventures that lies beyond our sightline, whenever it appears, with no regrets! 

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