Wareing Cremation Services Inc.

     On Thursday August 14, 2014  Wareing Cremation Services Inc., opened our door for the very first time at 346 Simcoe Street in Tillsonburg, Ontario.  Paul Wareing and Barbara Wareing believed that there was a need for Direct Cremation Services and Direct Burial Services in our Town, County, and surrounding areas, because the concept of Direct Cremation or Direct Burial wasn't mentioned or advertised as an option available locally, until Wareing Cremation Services Inc. arrived. 

     We believed there was a better way.  We wanted people to pause, consider, and reflect because we truly did believe there was a way to clear the obstacles and myths and help individuals to find some peace in their decisions, and maybe even a sense of contentment with One's Final Arrangements.  We hoped that others would make the time to pause and fully consider what "they" really thought and understood about Final Arrangements; pause to understand and have input on what the landscape would look like when it was "their" time and what Final Arrangements would be the best reflection of "their" life and style....knowing that one day each of us will step out of sight on the path.

     Paul and Barb Wareing set out to create an Arrangement that is a blend of a Trusted Provider with integrity and transparency of processes and concepts, a welcoming establishment, and a financially sound way to complete those final steps One takes as a human being and as a family member.  There would be no compromise on dignity, respect, caring, and compassion.  There would be rather a return to personal preference, and a framework of the necessaries that was familiar to our ancestors.  Whether that included ceremony, celebration, or something more simple than even that would be for the family to organize.

     Indeed, there was a realization that we would cause waves....but there is that spark in most of us that relishes discovering the release and beauty when we jump through the waves and can see the rainbows in the mist, the sand free of marks, and the ripples that spread out from where we and the waves met.  There is good, and there is better, and there is rest once something is done the best, and each of us has a vision of what is best for us!

     As we celebrate eight years, we wish to extend a heartfelt and genuine "THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH" to every individual and family that has placed their trust in us as a Provider of Final Arrangements.

We are grateful for everyone that has taken the time to learn exactly what this little Transfer Service Class 2 that could.... actually can do for you. 

     We are extremely proud of the individuals that have made appointments to ask questions, or called with their questions, to educate themselves, and research for complete information. 

     We have tremendous gratitude for every individual and family that has trusted us with their Prearrangements and with their Final Arrangements. 

     We continue to be thankful every day for all of those individuals who recommend us to relatives, friends, neighbours, and coworkers who are finding themselves searching for a Provider in planning, or making Final Arrangements.

     Wareing Cremation Services has grown with the demand for our Services and was pleased with the opening of a second Establishment in March 2018 at 225 Norwich Avenue in Woodstock, Ontario.  

The future stretches before us and Paul Wareing and Barb Wareing give our commitment to continuing to do our very best for every person that comes through our door.

Thank You for trusting us with those last steps!

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