The Qualities of Transparency

The Province's Auditor General, Bonnie Lysyk's, annual report was in the newscasts on Monday December 7, 2020.  She states that grieving families in Ontario often face "pressure tactics" and "misleading information" from funeral homes because of a lack of proper protections from the Bereavement Authority of Ontario.  This report identified a number of issues including lack of transparency, high costs for services and aggressive sales practices. 

During the first wave of COVID-19, in the month of July 2020, mystery shoppers were sent in to 100 funeral homes - and 50% were given misleading information or pressured to sign a contract.   This report identifies shameful conduct. 

Understand this.....that brush makes broad strokes.  

While a student at Humber College preparing for this career, I wrote an Ethics assignment on First Five Values and began it by writing:  "Integrity is the value of acting in line with my beliefs.  Integrity is my first value because if I am to be successful professionally then I must be genuine; I must possess an understanding of self and my beliefs that is so strong and defined it is my personality, and it happened (developed) long before today.  I quote Anton Chekhov, "Man is what he believes".  I wrote then that "One that possesses integrity does not abandon their beliefs for profit, promotion, pride or acceptance."  Further on in my assignment I wrote: "by presenting myself as a FPP (and TSSR) I have embraced the ethical, practical, moral, and societal expectations of the profession.  The bereavement professional must be sincere and genuine in thought, act, and speech; must possess strength and clarity; must hold themselves accountable."

It is a very sad statement on the state of our profession, on personal and professional beliefs, standards and conduct, when members of the public must rely on the protection of the BAO.

 If there can be any flicker of positivity in the newscasts of Monday December 7, 2020 is that for us, Wareing Cremation Services Inc., it is a good day to be "the bastard child of our industry" !

 What do I mean by this?

As a Transfer Service - Class 2, we are in fact your alternative to the traditional funeral home.  The Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act 2002 states that we may not use the word "funeral" in describing our abilities or services; our advertising in signage, print and online must adhere to these Regulations. 

As an individual, as a TSSR, my Certificates of Academic Excellence and my Ontario College Certificate state in print that I have completed the "Funeral Transfer Service Sales Representative course of study at Humber".  My personal, and business, license does not contain the word funeral.


To clarify....Wareing Cremation Services Inc. is indeed a licensed Provider of Final Arrangements for Direct Cremation and Direct Burial.

Confused as to how our direct services compared to their direct services are different??       Please telephone to make an appointment and allow us to explain how.......Wareing Cremation Services is much more than you believe we are.


Honesty is telling the Truth.....even when you haven't been asked a question.


This Guide was written by Barbara Wareing and published late in 2019.  Wareing Cremation Services provides this Booklet Guide for all of our Clients when they are preplanning.

As advocates of complete information - the only path to an informed decision - Barb Wareing wrote this Guide from the prospective of the consumer, our Clients, as an additional tool to inform and quote "demystify" what must and what may happen when One dies.


By definition,  What are the characteristics of Transparency?       

Transparency as used in science, engineering, business, the humanities and in other social contexts, is operating in such a way that it is easy for others to see what actions are performed.

Since the opening day of our Establishment in Tillsonburg, Ontario on Thursday August 7, 2014, and our second Establishment in Woodstock, Ontario on Wednesday March 14, 2018:

  • Our Price Lists for both Direct Cremation and Direct Burial are available in plain sight at our desk in the main reception area.  All additional items, products, services that are provided at additional costs are described on the back side of each page. 
  • These Price Lists are printed and available for Clients, or potential Clients, to take with them; we have always included them in our requested mail out packages, and we have our Direct Cremation Price List on our website
  • We are proud to be able to provide Final Arrangements, Prepaid Prearrangements, and Prearrangements.
  • Wareing Cremation Services has the integrity to always provide clear, concise, and complete information - without pressure, and void of "the upsell".


Ours is a vocation to facilitate the wishes of the deceased, and with privilege comes responsibility.

 Wareing Cremation Services, Paul and Barbara Wareing, are grateful for the Trust families in our Community and far beyond have placed in our abilities to provide Respectful Services these past six plus years. 


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