When Someone Dies

An outline of our process

W hen a death occurs, contact us immediately, regardless of the time of day or night – 519-409-5575 or 519-290-5575. Even if a health care provider, nurse, or doctor states that they will contact us, please appoint someone from the family to call immediately, because sometimes things get missed and no one calls as promised.  This is an emotional time for individuals and families and this initial telephone call is crucial.

With your initial call, we make available to you our services, our experience and trusted reputation, and our facility.  We assume all necessary responsibilities in caring for the deceased and for the concerns of their family. During this initial call we can gain contact information for the person responsible for making arrangements.

We will need to meet to discuss arrangements, gather documentation, and gain signatures from the Executor(s).  Once a person is deceased, the Executor(s) is the person(s) we must take direction from. We cannot proceed with any aspect before we have completed this step.

So that you arrive prepared, the information that will be required during this meeting is:

  • A copy of the Last Will and Testament for the deceased to ascertain the identity of Executor(s).
  • Executor’s identification documentation.
  • Documentation that provides the complete legal name of the deceased.
  • Current residential address of the deceased.
  • Date of Birth of the Deceased.
  • Place of Birth of the Deceased.
  • Social Insurance Number of the Deceased, and where applicable that of their Spouse.
  • Marital Status (Original Marriage Certificate where applicable).
  • Occupation of the Deceased.
  • Documentation that provides the complete legal name of the Deceased’s Spouse.
  • Deceased’s Father’s full name, and his place of birth.
  • Deceased’s Mother’s first and maiden name, and her place of birth.
  • As applicable, documentation that provides the Social Insurance Number, legal name, date of birth, and current residential address for any child(ren) of the deceased entitled to benefits.

All of this information is essential to enable us to complete all necessary documentation and application paperwork.

We will, or can, assist with composing the death notice for the newspaper(s), and submit to the same; our Obituary and Condolences page of our website is at no additional charge for families who wish to make use of this.

At Wareing Cremation we have the ability to provide for all of the necessary needs and requirements of the cremation or burial of your loved one.  Additionally, we offer a large selection of Urns, and also carry a selection of guest registry books, jewelry items, guest register books, and we design memorial cards for your service or celebration.

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Death pulls the ones we love away from us much like waves once strong hitting the shore pull away from the edge so quickly and quietly; we can’t stop the ripples as they depart and most often there is hardly a sound as they disappear. We watch and listen but we cannot stop this motion of life. Just as that wave of water melts the marks we leave in the waters’ sandy edge, I hope for the grace that death provides me with a clean slate to begin my never ending state of joy.

Barb Wein Wareing

When someone close to you dies - emotions tend to run high. Remember, there are no silly questions and no one expects you to be at your best or to remember everything. Wareing Cremation Services is trusted to provide respectful and compassionate funeral services. Wareing Cremation Services is committed to helping you take those last steps.

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